Lips Master Class

This course has been designed to master the art of administering lip filler treatments. We devote an entire session to learning different techniques including the popular Russian technique.

This is a day course and you will and master your skills and become a ‘Master of the Lips’

On this day you will learn about ‘Lip Harmonization’ and creating the perfect pout in proportion to people facial features.

Its so important to upskill in every field and this course will give you the edge so you can treat anyone and give them their perfect desired look.

  • Advanced Lips Techniques
  • Russian Lip Techniques
  • Cannula Technique
  • Philtrum Column Enhancement
  • Possible Complications
  • How to get the ‘Perfect Picture

No student leaves our academy until we are 100% certain you are confident in carrying out the desired treatments and you are invited to return FREE of charge at any time to gain more experience and use our ‘Support Groups’ for ongoing support.